The Rural Pharmacist: Have you heard the news? We’re moving!

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by Devon Myers, Pharmacist/Owner of Evergreen Pharmacies

            Although we’ve already let the cat out of the bag on Facebook we want to make sure that everyone knows that the Evergreen Pharmacy in beautiful Kakabeka Falls is on the move! But don’t worry, we’re not going far. In fact, we’re moving right next door. Have you noticed some commotion on that old service garage lot at the corner of Highway 11/17 and Florence Street? That’s us! Over the past year we have been working hard on plans to develop a new building that will house our pharmacy.

            The positive feedback that we’ve received from the community about our relocation so far has been remarkable. We are so excited to be in a position to expand healthcare services in our community. This could have never been possible without the support we receive each and every day from our patients, clients and staff. We are inherently grateful. Like my toddler would say “thank you, thank you, thank you”.

            The expansion of our pharmacy into a new building is going to allow us to fulfill our goal of providing quality, accessible and convenient healthcare to all of our patients. From a large parking lot to accessible walkways, our new building will be ready to serve anyone in need. We are confident that this endeavour will help improve and compliment the quality of life for our patients living in rural communities. And don’t worry! The Kakabeka Gift Store is making the move with us. With more room than ever the gift store will also be expanding. Bev has some work to do!

            We’ve also planned the building to include two additional professional units. The Evergreen Pharmacy is working hard to collaborate with other healthcare providers to further expand on accessible services in our community. Stay tuned! We hope to have some exciting news in the coming weeks to months. Construction is to get underway in the coming weeks and we hope to be operational in late 2021.

            Tell me more good news ! Sure thing. The Evergreen Pharmacy has begun collaborating with The Refill Co. in Murillo on a very important issue. As we all know, certain plastics cannot be recycled at the Thunder Bay Solid Waste and Recycling Facility. For example, number 5 plastics. To help manage this dilemma, The Refill Co. will be collecting used pharmacy vials and sending them to a proper facility outside of our region for recycling and repurposing. To combine efforts, the Evergreen Pharmacy will also act as a drop off location in order to help collect used prescription vials and reduce waste.

            We’re doing our part! How about you? All that we ask is that your used vials be returned to the pharmacy in good condition. What does this mean? All vials should be cleaned and absent of labels and residues. That’s it. Just like recycling at home, let’s clean our vials and make it easier for the next person in line.  Clean vials can also be dropped off directly at The Refill Co. which is located at 4277 Oliver Road during their regular business hours. In addition, clean vials can be dropped off at any time at 522 Wiley Street in Thunder Bay. The gentleman responsible for this initiative has organized a drop off box at his house.

            But that’s all for today, the puck drops in the playoff opener for Toronto in about 1 hour. Until next time, go Leafs go.