We offer a variety of services to meet your needs.
Our goal is to tailor our services to needs of the community!


Online Refills

Visit our website to view your profile or use our quick prescription refill tool. Please note that these refill requests will be ready for pickup by the next day.

Refill Reminders

Oops - Did you forget to order your prescriptions? Sign up for our refill reminder program and WE call YOU when your prescriptions are coming due.

Rx Synchronization

Making multiple trips to the pharmacy each month to pick different medications that come due at different times? We appreciate the frequent visits from your smiling face! But talk to our pharmacy staff about synchronizing medications so you can simplify your lifestyle and pick up all your medications at once.


Compliance / Blister Packs

Having difficulty organizing and managing your prescriptions? We offer free weekly, biweekly and monthly compliance packaging to keep your medications organized and filled on a regular cycle. No extra fees! In fact, you may save on fees. Contact us for details.

Free Weekly Prescription Delivery

Evergreen is proud to offer free rural prescription delivery for our patients within 20km of each location. We also offer free prescription delivery to anywhere within the city of Thunder Bay. If you live outside of these parameters and are interested in delivery services, please reach out and speak with the pharmacy manager.

Compounded Medications

Evergreen Pharmacy is partnered with Create Compounding Pharmacy so that we can fill any personalized, compounded prescription. Create Compounding is a state of the art compounding pharmacy with locations across Canada. They specialize in using the latest techniques and equipment to prepare your compounded medication in a manner that you can trust. Through our partnership, we are able to offer this full compounding service to our patients with a turnaround of as little as two days!

Pharmacist Prescription Renewals

Running out of medication and no refills remaining? Unable to contact your doctor via appointment or fax? Don't worry! Our pharmacist can renew your chronic prescriptions, as appropriate, to continue your medication therapy uninterrupted until you can connect with your doctor for a reauthorized prescription.

Faxed Prescription Renewals

Out of refills? Our staff will fax your doctor for refills once we notice your refills are depleted, where appropriate.

Easy Prescription Transfers

Transferring is EASY! As a relatively new pharmacy, we've got the process seamless! Give us your name, birthday, phone number and which pharmacy you currently deal at and we will take care of the rest! We can also notify your doctor and do a medication review with you to ensure we start off on the right foot!

Professional Services

Flu Shots, COVID Vaccines, Shingles Vaccines, Travel Vaccines and more!

All our pharmacists are certified in administering immunizations to keep you healthy. Some are available without a prescription, but some require a prescription- we can help with that!

Minor Ailment Prescribing

Our pharmacists are able to prescribe for up to 19 minor ailment conditions. (click the icon see the list of approved conditions) Minor ailments are usually a short-term condition where lab results aren't usually required and only short-term follow-up is needed.
These minor ailment assessments can be done in person or over the phone.

Free Naloxone Kit/Nasal Spray Dispensing and Training

Naloxone is a life-saving medication to reverse an overdose from opioid medications. These kits are FREE. Just drop by the pharmacy with your health card and we will train you on the proper use. Consider it an essential part of your first aid kit, whether you take opioids, your family member takes opioids, or even if you think you know somebody takes opioids. It can save somebody's life!

INR Monitoring​

Our pharmacist-led INR monitoring program allows patients on warfarin (a blood-thinning medication) to access convenient testing and dose adjustment. The program requires some delegation with your primary care provider. Contact our pharmacist to get set up! No extra charges as long as you fill your prescriptions with us.

Diabetic Training and Supplies

We have a wide range of diabetic supplies to customize to your lifestyle and needs. Our pharmacists can also provide training and education regarding monitoring your blood sugars at home.

One-on-One Counselling

Our friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists are accessible and available to discuss all your medication and health related questions and concerns. As a small local pharmacy, our focus is YOU!

Smoking Cessation Counselling

Our pharmacists can discuss different smoking cessation options and help choose the right regimen for you. Our pharmacists can even write the prescription. Make the decision to quit today and start feeling better tomorrow!

Medication Reviews

Performing a medication review with our pharmacists can be valuable in keeping your medication profile up-to-date, assessing whether a medication is still necessary, if additional medication is required or if there are some side effects that can be improved with a recommendation.