The Rural Pharmacist: Goodbye IDA, Hello Evergreen Pharmacies!

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by Devon Myers, Pharmacist/Owner of Kakabeka and Rosslyn Pharmacies

            Over the past four years patients have become accustomed to the level of care and service provided at the Kakabeka Falls and Rosslyn IDA pharmacies. We strongly believe that our staff exemplify what it means to represent our community as healthcare providers. Although our patients may recognize the IDA name, our pharmacy staff is the true driving force behind our two local community pharmacies.

            It is with great excitement that Henry and I have the opportunity to announce that beginning April 1, 2021 we will be moving forward with a new pharmacy name. This is not an April fool’s joke! Welcome Evergreen pharmacies! Don’t worry. We have not picked up our buildings and moved them to Arthur Street! In fact, other than a few modifications inside the pharmacies there will be few changes to note. Out with the blue and red. In with the forest green. What will remain the same is the level of service you’ve come to know provided by the same staff you’ve come to trust.

            When someone welcomes your phone call with “Thank you for calling Evergreen Pharmacy, how can we help?” do not be afraid! You’re calling the right pharmacy. In fact, you can help us out. It’s no secret that word of mouth goes a long way in our community. If a neighbour asks about Evergreen Pharmacy you can let them know it’s the same team from Kakabeka Falls and Rosslyn IDA. If they’ve got further questions they can always give us a call; the phone numbers haven’t changed!

            Speaking of phone calls, we’ve had a lot of inquiries as to whether or not we will be participating in the Covid-19 vaccination program offered through community pharmacies. The short answer is yes. The long answer is a bit more complicated. We have reached out to the Thunder Bay District Health Unit for guidance on the rollout of this program. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article the heath unit was unable to inform us on how they will be working with community pharmacies to distribute a vaccine in our region. Our pharmacies are ready to help however we can. We’re just waiting for a green light!

            Have you signed up for our email newsletter yet? If not, you may want to consider it. Once we are given direction on the vaccination program we will be using our email newsletter as a handy way to communicate with our patients. As mentioned in our previous article, there’s a few ways to get on our email list. You can call us directly, you can message us on Facebook or you can email us at This newsletter will also serve to inform out patients about general happenings in the pharmacy.

We thank everyone in the community for your business and support ever since we opened our doors in Kakabeka Falls and Rosslyn. For some, it is a tough decision to move on from their pharmacy in town and transfer their prescriptions to us, but we have truly strived to offer the best patient-centred service that we can offer. Nobody is just a number in our store. As in any business, there may be some hiccups here and there, but we value the opportunity to make things right so that you are comfortable and satisfied with the level of care and service we strive to provide. We are excited to continue to grow with Evergreen Pharmacies and we hope that that name becomes synonymous with people you and your family can trust. There are some more really exciting changes coming in 2021. But, I’ll leave you on that cliff hanger.